Adventures in Hong Kong: Luxe Stays and Cultural Delights

I recently jetted off to Hong Kong and it was an absolute blast! Let me spill the tea on two super swanky luxury boutique hotels that totally blew my mind with their chic vibes and top-notch service.

My adventure began at The Peninsula, which is also the FIRST 5-star hotel ever in Hong Kong and is the ONLY hotel in all of Hong Kong with a helipad… it doesn’t get more old-school exclusive than a helipad! Starting from the second I landed and got through immigration I was taken care of by two concierges even before getting whisked away in their Rolls Royce headed to the hotel. The whole experience was pure luxury!

Their welcome amenities were amazing from an octopus card for public transportation (already topped up for immediate use and in the shape of their bellboy hats; so fun!) to the welcome letter, the snacks on the coffee table and even the cutest bag filled with water, sanitizing wipes and a sunglass cleaning cloth to use for the day when I explored the city. Even though it is an older hotel, they are definitely up to date on their electronics. I could do everything from the iPad in my room, from ordering more water, to in-room dining or booking a spa appointment.

The attention to detail just got more and more amazing each day… They would quietly note my personal preferences as we would casually talk and then, voila! There in my room would be something I had just mentioned; like when I said I loved dimsum, and then dessert dimsums were in my room when I got back from dinner one night. They even put a folder under my door daily with new yoga exercises! Namaste to that.

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After an incredibly luxurious beginning to my trip the amazing experiences only continued at my next hotel, The Upper House on Hong Kong Island. Picture this: The entrance to Upper House is through sculptural ‘Stone Curtains’ façade by Thomas Heatherwick that sets the scene for an upward journey through tranquil spaces that are dotted with smooth monolithic sculptures and artwork. 117 rooms designed to perfection by the amazing André Fu. This place is a total zen zone, with its lush surroundings and modern flair. I also love that every guest gets to do an in-room check in. The whole architecture of the rooms and common areas was stunning and don’t even get me started on those killer city and mountain views, I had a view of the city and Hong Kong Kowloon side.

And can we talk about the fancy Bamford amenities? Bamford is a brand from England and their body lotion, oil, and soap are some of my absolute favorites. I was in heaven with the in-room massage – talk about a luxe treat! Plus, their eco-friendly game is strong. They have their own branded flasks which you can take home, and there are filtered water faucets in every room to fill the flask, which I absolutely love and really satisfies my sense for sustainability. Upper House also offers other wellness experiences including a hyperbaric chamber, oxygen therapy, red light and near infrared LED light therapy in the building next door, called Wellness Residences.

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Now, let’s chat adventures! I went sailing to the secluded Po Toi Island with a dear friend who lives in Hong Kong who showed it to me – Ming Kee. Tucked away on this tranquil island, Ming Kee has the freshest seafood in Hong Kong, courtesy of a local family who catches everything themselves. I recommend the succulent scallops and the crispy fried squid (one of the best I ever had)… every bite was a flavor explosion worth pre-ordering. Pro tip: reservations are a MUST for this culinary haven!

Venturing further, a guided tour led us to the serene Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery in Kowloon. Stepping into these sacred grounds, a sense of tranquility enveloped us. Fun fact: did you know the Nunnery was constructed without a single nail, using an intricate wood system? Talk about craftsmanship!

Next stop: Wan Tai Sin Temple, renowned for its wish-granting powers. It’s the go-to spot for those seeking blessings and prayers answered, adding a sprinkle of mystique to our already amazing journey.

The next day ushered us to the M+ Museum, a hub of contemporary visual art. The Madame Song exhibition dazzled us with her influence on China’s cultural landscape, especially in the ’80s and ’90s. The rooftop restaurant offered panoramic views of the harbor, a perfect backdrop for savoring Madame Song’s fashion legacy.

On Hong Kong Island, the Man Mo Temple stood tall, dedicated to the Gods of Literature and War. Nestled amidst Hollywood Road’s antique stores, this architectural marvel embodies the fusion of tradition and reverence.

And let’s not forget the culinary odyssey – Hong Kong’s gastronomic scene is a melting pot of flavors. From local delicacies to international fare, every meal was a delightful surprise. Yet, the island lunch experience at Ming Kee was my personal favorite.

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(M+ Museum)

Hong Kong, you stole my heart with your mix of luxury hotels, history, and delicious eats. Whether I was living it up at The Upper House and The Peninsula or getting zen at temples and gardens, every moment was magic. As I bid adieu to this epic city, I’m already dreaming of the next adventure.



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