“My goal is to
create individually crafted leisure, lifestyle and travel itineraries from my own experiences.”

Growing up in the United States with Austrian parents and now myself living in Vienna, I was able to travel multiple times a year between the US and Europe. It was also my parent’s quest to travel with me around the world as much as possible. So traveling is in my blood.

After earning my BA at Pepperdine University in Malibu, I moved to Europe where I worked as an Event Producer in several different locations. After finishing my MBA in Project Management at the WU- Vienna University of Economics and Business I wanted to turn my love and passion for travel and food experiences into a career. For the last couple of years, I have been a part-time event planner, organizer of many trips and vacations. My recommendations for restaurants and hotels, as well as planning events were always very well received and often the highlights of people’s vacations. 

My goal is to create individually crafted leisure, lifestyle, and travel itineraries from my own experiences. I love organizing and then seeing the positive reactions on people’s faces how excited & happy they were with the outcome. My mantra is “Making others happy, makes me happy”.

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Founder/CEO Stephanie Muhr